Do you provide interior design services?

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Yes, via introduction to our favorite design teams, partners we have worked with in the past.  Some of our clients choose to work with an interior designer when designing and building their home and we help to facilitate this process. Working with an interior designer can be extremely useful in the building phase of a

How will I know what decisions to make and by when?

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We provide a detailed construction schedule with all your required decisions and the dates these decisions need to be made to keep your project on track. We review this schedule with you regularly and keep you notified of upcoming decision dates. While we provide input on design decisions when requested, many of our clients also

Building Green from the Start

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A huge part of building green is waste management. While a high-performance home will operate efficiently for decades after its construction, the actual construction itself can be quite wasteful. In an industry where large structures are being built daily, there is going to be a large amount of waste produced. Identifying this waste and minimizing

Building to Code, Step Code, and Passive House Standards

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When building a house, it is important to ensure that the building will meet certain safety requirements. The BC Building Code gives builders the minimum requirements for answering questions like ‘how high should a guardrail be?’ and ‘how do we prevent a fire from spreading from room to room?’. It also gives builders information on

5 Principles of Passive House

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What is Passive House? The Passive House building standard was created in Germany over 20 years ago. It is based on five principles  to ensure a building performs at a high level with minimal energy inputs. The average Passive House building is so energy efficient that heating needs could be met with the energy needed